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Applicator Tampons – Super Plus

For Easy & Convenient Tampon Insertion

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Country of Origin: India
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  • Tampons are a widely used period hygiene product that absorbs menstrual blood and allows you to stay dry and protected.
  • Pee Safe Applicator Tampons are the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. The applicator makes insertion a breeze, while our highly absorbent and allergy-free viscose tampons provide leak-free protection for 4-6 hours. And guess what? The tampons are 100% Chlorine Free, FDA Approved, and Dermatologically Tested. You can run, swim, and not worry about stains with these tampons.
  • These are available in 3 variants – Regular, Super, and Super Plus. Choose one according to your flow, and manage your periods, hassle-free!

Key Features

  • For Safe & Healthy Period Care
  • Premium Quality Viscose Tampons That Are Allergy-Free
  • Stay Protected For 4-6 Hours
  • No Fragrance-Related Irritation In The Delicate Area

How To Use

  1. Wash your hands and remove tampon from packaging.
  2. Insert applicator while holding it between your thumb & middle finger
  3. Use your index finger to push the inner tube fully in & gently remove the applicator
  4. Dispose of tampon & applicator properly in a trash bin & wash hands after use.

1 review for Applicator Tampons – Super Plus

  1. Surya

    Very much satisfied with the this, helps in smooth insertion 👍

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