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Disposable Breast Pads

Soft micro-cushion & Breathable Disposable Breast Pads

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Country of Origin: India
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  • Pee Safe brings you the innovative product – Disposable Breast Pads – to make those first months after giving birth more comfortable.
  • This breast pad is an absolute lifesaver for nursing mothers as these disposable breast pads draw excess milk away from the skin and onto the breast pad, preventing leaks.
  • It has elastic sides for perfect fit and is also very thin, making it discreet under your clothing.
  • This pack contains 24 hygienic disposable breast pads that are leak-proof that are extremely easy to use.

Key Features

The Protective Top Layer Film Is Breathable And Waterproof.

Soft Micro-Cushion Provides The Most Comfortable Fit.

Breast Pad’s Top Layer Is Extremely Absorbent.

Spreads The Fluid Evenly Throughout The Pad.

How To Use

  1. Open the pack.
  2. Peel off the release paper.
  3. Place the sticky side inside against the inside of Bra.


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