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Disposable Toilet Seat Cover (Pack of 10)

Compact & Foldable Design | Easy To Carry Disposable Toilet Seat Cover


Country of Origin: India
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  • Travelling can bring along some pleasant & some quite unpleasant experiences, especially if you have to take nature’s call at a place surrounded by public convenience stalls! But, hey don’t worry, you won’t have to squat to hold your pee anymore, with Pee Safe’s Disposable Seat Cover, just put it on the seat and sit with ease.
  • The paper-based toilet seat cover protects you from UTIs & other toilet borne infections that are lurking around public toilets. It is foldable & compact which makes it easy to carry on all adventures.

Key Features

  • Made With Eco-Friendly Composition To Lessen Environmental Damage
  • Compact & Foldable Design Makes The Cover Easy To Carry
  • The Toilet Seat Cover Protects Against Harmful Germs & Bacteria

How To Use

  1. Take the seat cover out of the pouch.
  2. Place it on the top of the toilet seat.
  3. After using the cover, dispose of it in a dustbin.


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