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Country of Origin: India
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Nua’s Foaming Intimate Wash is a gentle cleanser that maintains the pH balance and eliminates infection-causing bacteria. The ingredients like aloe vera and lactic acid ensure it is gentle and safe for daily use.
  • Toxin-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free
  • Anti-bacterial and prevents infections
  • Enriched with lactic acid and aloe vera
  • Dermatologically tested
Period or no period, our intimate wash goes with your flow

The vagina (the canal between vulva and the cervix) is self-cleaning and well-equipped to protect itself. However, the vulva, which is the external part of the genital system, should be cleaned regularly using a gentle, sulphate-free cleanser like our Foaming Intimate Wash.

How to use

Take 1-2 pumps of the foaming wash on your palm. Apply it only on the vulva (external region) and rinse well using water.

Please note
1. Prior to use, conduct a patch test on the inner side of your elbow.
2. Since an intimate wash is not a cure for infections, consult a doctor if you notice any signs.

A 100% safe product

Yes, of course! Our Foaming Intimate Wash is paraben-free, sulphate-free and 100% toxin- free. It does not irritate or dry out your skin. Furthermore, the powerful ingredients such as aloe vera and lactic acid ensure that our wash is gentle and safe to use daily.

Product Information

1) The name and address of the manufacturer, manufacturer and packer (if different) or importer

Bo International,
A91, Wazirpur Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 052

2) Name of the country of origin or manufacturer or assembly in case of imported products – India

3) Common/ generic name of the product – Foaming Intimate Wash

4) Net quantity in standard unit of measure – 100 ml

5) Best before / use by date (if the prepackaged commodity can become unfit for human consumption after a period.) – Use within 24 months of manufacturing

6) MRP – Rs. 299.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

7) Dimensions of the commodity (if the size of the commodity is relevant) – 48mm(L) x 48mm(W) x 147mm(H)


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