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Natural Intimate Wipes – 10 Count (Set of 2)

Intimate Wipes For Women To Maintain pH Balance And Keep You Hygienic The Whole Day.

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Country of Origin: India
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  • Everyone has encountered a smelly, unhygienic washroom experience and Intimate Wipes were made to tackle these situations.
  • While for the smell and the toilet seat, you can always use our Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray but when it comes to cleaning your vagina after finishing up your business, Natural Intimate Wipes do the trick like no other.
  • Using a bare toilet paper roll is satan’s work and you shouldn’t have to do that ever again.
  • These natural Intimate wipes are made of viscose, the softest touch for your intimate area, and are free of alcohol, paraben, or sulfate.
  • A way to keep your genitals feeling fresh even in situations that make you squirm.

Key Features

  • Free Of Chemicals That Can Cause Irritation.
  • 100% Free Keeping The Formulation As Gentle As Possible.
  • Maintains The Appropriate PH Value Of 3.5.
  • A Natural Essence Of Tea Tree To Make The Experience Even Better.


  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Vitamin E Extract
  • Aloevera Extract


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