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Sirona Disposable Period Panties For Women

Comfortable Fit|Super Absorbent|360-Degree Protection|Leakproof|12 Hour Protection


Country of Origin: India
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How To Use

  1. Position the colored waistband on the front and wear it the way you wear a normal panty.
  2. The disposable period panty fits your lower body perfectly, so you don’t need to wear anything else over it.
  3. As the period panty absorbs the flow, the yellow wetness indicator strip starts to turn blue.
  4. To avoid leakage, change the panty before the full strip turns blue.
  5. To remove, tear it from sides.
  6. Use a Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bag to dispose.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Leakage protection
  • Alerts to change
  • Easy to use and dispose


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