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Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes With Fruits And Aloe Vera Extracts

Intimate Hygiene Wipes

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Country of Origin: India
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These wipes are hypoallergenic, free of alcohol content, and thus maintain the natural pH balance of the skin. Made of natural ingredients like fruit and plant extracts, using these leaves you refreshed and moisturized. They are ideal for intimate areas like underarms, breast and bikini area. Best for use on the go, these wipes ensure that you don’t compromise on intimate care.

  • pH Balanced 
  • No Alcohol 
  • Hypoallergic 
  • Easy to Carry 
  • Aloe Vera Extracts 
  • Gentle


  1. Open

    Peel the front label slowly, lifting up from the ‘open and reseal’ tab.

  2. Pull

    Pull out as many wipes as needed.

  3. Use

    Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes can be used for underarms, breast and bikini areas.

  4. Dispose

    After use, dispose off the wipe in the trash. Do not flush.

  5. Reseal

    Ensure that the label is thoroughly resealed to prevent moisture loss.


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