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Sirona Reusable Period Panty For Women

Leakproof | No Odour | Ideal for Periods, Postpartum Bleeding, Urinary Inconsistency & Vaginal Discharge

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Country of Origin: India
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Disposable sanitary pads can leak, cause rashes, and are not environmentally friendly.


Sirona Reusable Period Panty is leak-proof, soft on the skin, and an environmentally friendly alternative for period flow management. It has a high absorbency of 60 ml and can easily be washed and reused.

Sirona Period Underwear utilizes moisture-wicking technology to absorb and wick away moisture. The period panty not only absorbs period blood flow but also absorbs postpartum bleeding, urinary incontinence and vaginal discharge. This is particularly advantageous for individuals participating in vigorous exercises, such as biking or trekking, where it would be difficult to change every few hours. Undoubtedly, they are comfortable to wear. The inner layers are incredibly thin and hardly noticeable despite having four layers. They are encased in an incredibly plush outer covering that resembles normal underwear.  In the long run, they are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
Postpartum bleeding: The Sirona Reusable Period Panty is highly absorbent and comfortable to wear. This feature is what makes it the best postpartum underwear.
Urinary Incontinence: The leak proof washable underwear is ideal for urinary incontinence. But, what makes it the best urinary incontinence underwear is that it is very absorbent and keeps the area dry while keeping all vaginal infections at bay.
Vaginal Discharge: Experiencing vaginal discharge can be uncomfortable and result in prolonged wetness. Sirona’s extremely absorbent period underwear soaks up the moisture, keeping you dry and clean. This is particularly useful after a workout or long day at work or school.


  1. Wash the period panty with warm water (30 C) before the first use.
  2. Wear the period underwear like a regular panty, ensuring that the seams are in place and you feel comfortable. Use for 6-8 hours
  3. After use, wash the period underwear with hand or machine wash as per instructions.

Hand Wash

  • Soak in water for 10 minutes to remove stains.
  • Wash the panty as you normally would. Use a soft brush, if required.
  • Allow it to air dry.

Machine wash

  • Place in a laundry mesh bag used for intimates.
  • Use regular detergent and machine setting to wash.
  • Allow it to air dry. Do not use a dryer.


Safe and Hygienic

Sirona Period panty uses moisture-wicking technology which absorbs moisture instantly.

High absorption rate

One of period underwear major advantages is its capacity to absorb blood flow, urine leakage etc. with a 60 ml capacity.

Washable & Reusable

Period panties can be reused up to two years, if properly cared for. In that, they are superior to tampons and pads.


Period Panties are eco-friendly because they don’t contain chemicals of any kind. They require less maintenance and are not bulky.


Sirona Reusable Underwear is easy to wash and maintain. Just follow the guidelines given on the pack for proper maintenance.

Urine leakage

Sirona underwear for urine leakage has a hydrophobic layer that draws all the moisture from the surface of the panty, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day


Sirona Period Panty has multiple absorbent layers which absorb moisture; because of this, the leakproof washable underwear will stay dry and keep you comfortable.


By switching to this eco-friendly period underwear, you prevent about 10,500 disposable pads and tampons from ending up in landfills for over 500 years.

1 review for Sirona Reusable Period Panty For Women

  1. Palak

    Like a normal underwear but does it’s job pretty well, no leakage easy to remove stain!

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